Lust For Life with Ivan Setta

One of the first things that came to mind while I was watching Lana del Rey's music video for "Lust For Life" was how much I wished I could recreate its aesthetic and bring it to life. Leave it to Ivan to make your dreams come true. I've always admired and enjoyed photography, but, I... Continue Reading →

The Trench Trend

One of my biggest pet peeves is not knowing which jacket to wear when it's not cold but not hot outside. Doesn't this annoy the eff out of you as well? If your answer was yes, then allow me to introduce you to each other: trench coat, meet stranger. Stranger, meet trench coat. I guarantee... Continue Reading →

2016 was all about the superstars. No, not the superstars you’re thinking of. The Adidas superstars. Everywhere I went I’d see these shiny/chunky white shoes and though I initially tried really hard not to give in to temptation, I got a pair last year in January, when they were still a novelty. I told myself […]

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