Don Diego’s Inside Out

Throughout my almost 20 years of existence, I, Diego Rodriguez, have had numerous nicknames. I never liked any of them though, given the fact that most of them were chosen by sad, mean bullies who lacked a couple of brain cells and decided they’d pick on me to divert themselves from their own daddy issues and traumas. Sad, right?

There is however, one nickname that I actually like. While I was living in Genk last year, my family at the time spontaneously started calling me “Don Diego”, and sometimes, they’d just call me “Don”. The nickname stuck, and since it was, for the first time in a solid ten years, not an insult, I would proudly say “Ja?” –“Yes” in Dutch– whenever anyone called out my (nick)name.

Those four months in Genk were some of the most challenging of my exchange. I had to come to terms with a bunch of personal issues that I had been actively ignoring for years. Dealing with those issues coincided with the birth of my newly found nickname. It felt as if I was evolving into this new version of myself; into the real me, the side of me that would get my ass in trouble, and the one that would get all of the hateful nicknames, and was waaaaay to extraordinary to fit in back home. Anyways, once I opened up and let go of some of the less nice experiences of my past, I felt free to be who I wanted to be, and I started to become the person I am today.

My confidence boosted almost as high as my cholesterol level at the time, and I was ready to start living my life the way I wanted to. I was able to improve my relationships with my friends and family, and I took a huge weight off my shoulders. I was free.

That is who “Don Diego” is, and what it represents to me. I’ve come to think of each human being as an evolving entity. As we grow older and grow aware of our thoughts and emotions, we are setting the grounds that will allow our personality to grow and evolve with us.

“Don Diego” is my favorite version of myself, and even though I am bound to keep growing and changing and evolving, I know that Don Diego’s nicest treats will be the pillars of all my future versions.

And that is just what I want to do in this blog: take whoever reads this with me into my mind and a personal journey of self-discovery, through fashion, and music, my two biggest sources of inspiration.

I had initially named this blog “Sarcastically Chic” mostly because I just needed a name for it, so I didn’t really give it much thought. I realize now though, that I am so much more than an (occasionally) well dressed, cluster of sarcasm, and that is what I really want to put out there.

Don Diego is the most fun, creative, and raw version of myself, and I’m ready to expose his thoughts, one outfit, one song, and one picture at a time. Welcome to Don Diego’s Inside out.

Ps: Check out the full outfit post to this look by clicking on this link.


Don Diego.

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