Music Sunday #11

I’ve been feeing quite lost lately. Figuratively, not literally. I know where I am physically – behind my desk, trying to process and make sense out of every thought that pops into my head, trying to translate every feeling and every bit of energy going through my body into some sort of readable and coherent piece of writing that will allow me to at least know what I’m feeling before I even get to make any sense out of it. But my head is lost. I guess after 20 years I still just don’t fully know who I am and what I stand for, and that just makes being in your 20’s even more confusing than it already is. I’ve been looking for answers in all the wrong places -nicotine, alcohol, and one night stands- and after every cigarette, every drink and ever meaningless partner I find myself again right where I started: the middle of nowhere. I guess music has been my best companion these past few weeks, not because my friends or family haven’t been there for me, but because the beats and lyrics I’m about to show you somehow seem to grasp the endless stream of ideas that has been circling my head for quite sometime now. So these jams go out to you, fellow millennial reading this. If you’re feeling lost and think you’re the only one, remember I’m right there, in the middle of nowhere too, standing right next to you.


Don Diego.

  1. “Ribs” – Lorde
  2. “Painfully Oblivious” – Harmless
  3. “Spaceship” – Kesha
  4. “Is This Happiness” – Lana del Rey
  5. “Black Beauty” – Lana del Rey
  6. “Still Sane” – Lorde
  7. “Past Lives” – BØRNS
  8. “List Of People To Try And Forget About” – Tame Impala
  9. “Dope” – Lady Gaga
  10. “Alive” – Empire of The Sun

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