Music Sunday #9

Electro Summer Party

It’s funny how easy it is for us to associate things. Here I am, studying how programming takes place within the digital humanities (feel free to vomit with me), and this all got me thinking of the first music video I showed my mom, when I was just a kid back in 2008. She, a total stranger to the wonderful world of the World Wide Web, didn’t even know she could find the name to the songs she heard on the radio every day while driving home from work, let alone finding the music video for it. One of those songs is called “Infinity”. I played it while I was having lunch, trying to keep my mind off the crippling fear of failure that creeps upon every single student during final season. I hope this playlist helps you picture your dreamed summer beach party/baecation, and if you’re lucky, I hope it also makes you think of a treasured memory, one you’ll carry with you into infinity.


Don Diego.

  1. “Infinity” – Guru Josh Project
  2. “Stereo Love” – Edward Maya (mom’s fave jam of 2009 ❤ )
  3. “Get You Up” – Ley DJ
  4. “Ode To Oi” – TJR
  5. “Summer” – Calvin Harris
  6. “Summertime Sadness – Cedric Gervais Remix” – Lana del Rey vs. Edric Gervais
  7. “Shots (Broiler Remix)” – Imagine Dragons
  8. “Lush Life” – Zara Larsson
  9. “Roses” – The Chainsmokers ft. ROZES

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