Oversized Blazer

I love doing this, which is why I hate writers block twice as hard when it comes to my blog: I can deal with it when it’s college-related because those papers are not all about my inspiration and they definitely require careful thinking. Thankfully, the first song I Spotify played for me when listening to Lien’s latest and coolest playlist, I got the inspo to write this little piece for y’all and for me. Read this while getting ready to hit the twn for a night out with friends and playing Diana Ross’s “I’m Coming Out” in the meantime. Dancing of all kinds is allowed.

Grab your oversized statement blazer and your sequin-flared pants lades and gentlemen: this one’s for you.I don’t really know how I feel lately, putting feelings into words is so difficult to me that I’d rather just click “shuffle” and let my iTunes library decide for me.I shot these pictures about a week ago with my friend Lien, and she suggested I tried this blazer on because she liked how it matched the background, my skin and my clothes. I must say I LOVE he results and listening to Lien is always the right choice. I live for vintage blazers like this one!

Hope you like the look and have a good rest of the week!


Don Diego.

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