Music Sunday #2

Character Development

Title Credz: @lienthefrozen

Hi friends! This week I went to the movies with Lien after a very long day of doing the bare minimum. We watched “God’s Own Country” at Cinema ZED here in Leuven, and we both LOVED the movie. Ever since then I’ve been obsessed with the first song on this list. It’s the movie’s last song and it just made the ending so much more special (and it made me cry ten times harder). If you haven’t seen the film yet, please do so soon, I guarantee you won’t regret it! In the mean time, take a look at some cool soundtracks that have made some of my favorite films a million times more memorable:

  1. “The Days” Patrick Wolf, from “God’s Own Country”
  2. “There’s Too Much Love” Belle&Sebastian, from “The Way He Looks”
  3. “Mystery Of Love” Sufjan Stevens, from “Call Me By Your Name”(yes I’m still not over it)
  4. “Heroes” David Bowie, from “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”
  5. “Love Death Birth” Carter Burwell, from “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1”
  6. “Flightless Bird, American Mouth”, Iron & Wine, from “Twilight”
  7. “Send Me On My Way”, by  Rusted Root, from “The Ice Age”

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