Music Sunday # 1

Hi friends!!! Music is one of the things that inspires me the most; not just when I’m creating looks, but also when I’m feeling down, walking to class, craving coffee, etc; so I thought I’d share my findings with you. Here are 7 songs I’ve been playing on repeat this  week:

1. “1950” King Princess

I discovered this song exactly a week ago. It was a mere coincidence; I opened my music app and just pressed on shuffle as I entered my bath and was immediately mesmerized by the first piano note; it was as if my heart sank. I decided thus, there and then to expand my music library and share my findings with you. I hope this song motivates you and seduces you too.
2. “Words” F.R David
Words don’t come easy, David. You got that right. I had accidentally neglected this masterpiece that lies hidden in the “Call Me By Your Name” soundtrack under “Love My Way” which explains why I hadn’t heard it before. My bad!
3. “Bella” Wolfine
I love Spanish songs that take it down a notch from the usual trap music you tend to associate with the language. This song is still quite tropical, but just slow enough to be played when working for school, for instance. Gimme more!
4. “Pompeia” Carlos Sadness
I don’t really know how I feel about reincarnation, but I do know that if a song had the power to lead me into wondering about such complex matters, it’s worth the listen.
5. “Feel It Still” Portugal. The Man
I’ve actually been obsessed with this song for a bit longer than all of the others. I hadn’t heard it until my friend Nicole covered it in her YouTube channel, and now I listen to it almost every morning while I walk to class.
6. “IDGAF” Dua Lipa
This one has been out for a while already, that I know. I’m going through some stuff that would usually get to me and strap me to my bed, sending me down a downward spiral, but having one of the queens of England tell me not to give a tiny rat’s ass had definitely worked in my favor!
7. “Glamorous” Fergie
This week’s decade-old jam is brought to you by none other than Fergie Ferg herself. I was looking for inspiration and courage before heading out onto my first shopping spree of the season (a very successful one for my closet, a tragedy for my wallet)  and this song just immediately rang a bell.
If you have any other songs you think are worth the listen, don’t be afraid to let me know in the comments below! I’d also love to know if you liked any of the songs I mentioned above.
I hope this short playlist helps you kick Monday’s ass!
Don Diego

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