Don Diego x Jeurissen Couture

Hi friends! So it’s taken me a while to get this post ready BUT I’m finally here!!! Last Friday I teamed up with my friends at Jeurissen for their ‘Fashion Night Out’ event and I must say my life has never before felt that much like an episode of Gossip Girl. Now I’m definitely a Humphrey when it comes to the world of fashion, but we all gotta start somewhere and we all know that somewhere is the bottom! Keeping that in mind makes me feel even more honored than I already do to get to do what I love and have amazing people who’ve been in the business for years trust me and give me a chance to learn from their expertise.My job on Friday consisted of hosting their Instagram Stories for the event, and I was also their photographer. I must say I’m glad I got to use my camera for a greater purpose than taking HD pictures of my dog, and I’ve been into photography for a while but never actually pursued it. Friday reminded me of just how much I love to work behind my Canon and I’ll definitely experiment more with photography on my free time from now on. Anyways, back to Friday’s fabulousness:

The evening started off quietly, but as the clock went by, more and more guests started to show up and discovered our favorite pieces of the Fall/Winter ’17 collection. We had two models in store displaying outfits curated by Marie-Lynn and her mother Patrice, ranging from something you’d wear to a night out clubbing with your gals to a more sophisticated soirée a la Blair Waldorf. Our guests marveled at the bomb outfits, while enjoying a drink -or, like your truly, a ‘few drinks’- courtesy of ‘Wonderbar Genk’. The cocktails were AMAZING! If you’re in the Genk area make sure you go get yourself a celebratory drink at the Wonderbar after you’ve made your first purchase at Jeurissen ;))))))))

Being the Dan Humphrey of fashion events, I was nervous when it came to my outfit and didn’t know if I’d made the right choice, but looking at the pictures now, I’m really happy with the clothes I went for. I chose a t-shirt from Opening Ceremony (!!!!!!) I got from Patrice and Marie-Lynn as a present, and paired it up with a simple black blazer and grey trousers from Zara. To top it all up, I took my new black loafers from Asos for a night out in town. They were incredibly comfortable and while I should’ve broken them in before going to the event, I managed not to lose any toes in the process. #CarrieWouldBeProud. My favorite item of the whole collection is this amazing pink suit by Filles à Papa (of course). I knew as soon as I saw it I regret having balls and no boobs. C’est la vie.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I had an amazing time working with Jeurissen and I can’t wait for more opportunities to work with them in the years to come! It feels amazing to accomplish things I would’ve been way to scared to pursue just a few months ago. Guess confidence is indeed the key to success.

Hope you guys like my outfit and check out Jeurissen’s Facebook page for more pictures of the event.

HUGE HUGE shoutout to Marie-LynnJ for giving me a chance to explore my creative horizons, and to Wonderbar Genk for the DELICIOUS cocktails.

Cheers! xxx

IMG_1333 2.JPG

Don Diego.

PS: check out in detail pics of my outfit here!  

Store Front

Dj booth








IMG_1350 2.JPG


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