Denim Jacket/Double Feature (II)

Okay so in case you didn’t get the memo, this jacket has been my favorite accessory this season. Mama Gaga once said she feels home when she’s got her leather on; she says it reminds her of New York. I didn’t think a piece of clothing could make someone feel that way, until I got this jacket.

Not only does it go with anything, but there’s something to it that just makes me feel confident and cool, so maybe that’s the reason I’ve taken this baby with me everywhere and you’ve seen it so much in here.

For the second part of my last photoshoot at home I went for another street kinda look that’s slightly dressier than the first one (in my opinion). I paired my black Zara pants I got in Italy with a graphic Levi’s tee I got a while ago, with (surprisingly enough) my denim jacket and my old school vans. If you feel the need to make this a bit dressier, style it up with a light blue long sleeved shirt for a night out in town with friends, or keep the shirt and add some cool badges to your jacket for an even more casual vibe. This outfit was my spring go to (as seen on the trench trend) for days when I wasn’t tired enough to wear sweatpants to the library, but still wasn’t motivated enough to put on tighter pants lol. Hope you like the pics, and happy summer!




Processed with VSCO with e1 preset


Don Diego.

Huuuuuuge gracias  and photo creds to @nicosponge for helping me out with this pics!!! Te amo beibiiii ❤

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