The Carrie Thing To Do

Hi fwendz! I am currently still bouncing back from a small hangover, product of last night’s shenanigans. My sister, some of my best friends and I got invited to a prom party last night. I was super excited to go, since I was really looking forward to honoring my role as world champion for third wheeling lol. But, more than that, I was happy I had the chance to dress up, especially because I loveeeee suits.

I chose a simple grey suit, paired it up with a dotted blue and black bowtie I borrowed from my dad, and my favorite black shoes. I thought my suit’s color went pretty well with my skin tone, and white shirts have a fancy element to them, which went well with the tone of the evening.


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


Fun fact: An aunt of mine got shoes like those about a year ago, and after combining my pettiness with my mind-blowing research skills (or, my annoying way of saying “stalking”), I found shoes that looked like hers on Asos and got them without telling my dad. I had to pay him back and apologize, but getting the shoes was the Carrie thing to do. Shoes can be life changing, and these babies have already been with me on a couple of magical nights, so if you or anyone you know has second thoughts before purchasing shoes, make sure they visit my blog so they make the right choice ;).

Once I got dressed, I got my sister to join in for a couple of pics while my mom gently wept (she’s an emotional woman, k), and then headed off to Nicole’s before we went to the party.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


Now the party pictures are not as clear as the pre-party ones and I’ll make sure I update this post once the actual photographers upload their cut, but in the meantime, take a look at our shenanigans. Plus, my time in Ecuador is almost up and I wanted to spend the night with my friends instead of worrying about nothing other than the perfect picture. By the end of the night I was -yet again- emotional and thankful the universe has given me such amazing friends I don’t even deserve. Les amo así.






One thing I noticed at the party is that women have a lot more options than us guys do when it comes to dressing up, especially when you’re on a budget. Sure, you can pull a Bryanboy and buy edgier designer pieces (I know I will someday), but in the meantime, I guess cute shoes and bowties will do. If you know of any dressy jumpsuits that wouldn’t look like something you’d wear to prison, feel free to forward me any links. I know Carrie, Bryan and I would be forever thankful!

ps: Felicitaciones G22! El mundo es suyo, y este es sólo el comienzo.



Don Diego.

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