Lust For Life with Ivan Setta

One of the first things that came to mind while I was watching Lana del Rey’s music video for “Lust For Life” was how much I wished I could recreate its aesthetic and bring it to life. Leave it to Ivan to make your dreams come true.


I’ve always admired and enjoyed photography, but, I never actually pursued it. That’s why translating my visual ideas into words gets hard, but I swear to God Ivan Setta read my mind. I had the pleasure of shooting him about three weeks ago here in Leuven. He was looking for people willing to shoot and I was trying to get rid of my fear of human contact/self-consciousness, so we agreed to collaborate.


From the beginning, Ivan asked if I had any ideas for the shoot. I did, but I’ve been following him for a while, so I left my control freak home -along with my self-consciousness- and went with the flow. I knew the results wouldn’t disappoint, so I went along with Ivan’s ideas and upon seeing the final product, it was as if he’d read my mind. Plus, I’ve never actually been on a photoshoot before.

All of my photos have been taken by friends of mine, who’ve been kind enough to put up with my demands and who know just how awkward I can be. And even though I’d only known Ivan for an hour when we started shooting, it definitely didn’t feel any different than shooting with a friend. Ivan and I definitely worked together; I took his pointers; he listened to my ideas, and I am incredibly happy I got the effin’ balls to shoot with him.


Inspired by the simplicity and ‘summerness’ -I know that’s probably not a word but I can’t really come up with a synonym rn; sorry! (Lol what a shitty linguistics student, right?!)- of Lana’s “Lust For Life”, I chose a simple array of light clothes that ended up complimenting the colors of the location. I went for my favorite summer shoes and partners-in-crime (my dearly beloved white Converse), and a white and grey ensemble from Zara. I’m not that used to wearing shorts and I’m really more of a pants person, so this felt like nothing other than a natural choice for me. Plus points for having skipped leg day every chance I got.


I am beyond happy I got out of my comfort zone and took the chance to work with Ivan. Go check him out, or better yet, let him capture your essence through his lens.

Gros bisous,



Outfit breakdown:

Jacket: Vintage

Pants and shirt: Zara

Shoes: Converse

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