13 Reasons Why…

You Should Totally Visit Florence

My apologies if the title got you a bit concerned, but I thought it was appropriate to pay tribute to two of my new found loves: “13 Reasons why” and -duh- Florence.

I was lucky enough to visit Florence for a couple of days with my cousin and my grandma, and I completely fell in love with it. I hope you find my 13 reasons why you should totally visit Florence convincing enough to actually go visit one of Italy’s most beautiful cities.

  1.  The Food: Need I say more? You’re in the perfect place to order pasta, pizza and tiramisu 24/7, so you might as well take your chance. If you’re not that into carbs, you can also go for a prosciutto melone or anything equally healthy. Naturally, I don’t have any pictures of those because I think it’s safe to say that I was not afraid to treat myself to some calzone and wine in EATaly.
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    Cheese + Bacon Bruschetta
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    Chocolate Cheesecake

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    Calzone + some wine
  2. The Art: Florence is home to many art galleries that house the finest Renaissance art. They are totally worth the visit, even if you are not an expert and just feel like creating memes based on renaissance paintings. “Galleria dell’Academia” is home to Michelangelo’s David. I dare you not to be mesmerized by it.
  3. The Fashion: Wherever you go in Italy, you’re bound to find people with a passion for fashion. Whether they’re rich Italian daddies in suits and boat shoes, or rich Italian mommies in fur and a Chanel bag we’re dying to steal, fashion is everywhere in Florence. Feel fry to cry with me while window-shopping down Via De Tuornabonni, home to high end boutiques like Gucci and Fendi. If -like me- you’re too poor to even dream about shopping there, you can also find retail giants -Zara, Massimo Dutti and H&M to name a few- along Piazza De La Republica, where you can most likely afford one of each.
  4. The Photo-ops: Wether you’re into photography or not, Florence is full of foto-ops. Not just totally Instagram worthy selfies in cute backgrounds; I guarantee you you’ll wanna take a picture of every church you visit, every street you walk, every cute pizzeria and the magnificent architecture.

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  5. The People: We were lucky enough to encounter nothing but friendly Italians along the way, who were kind enough to help you average tourist get places without getting lost or mugged. They also have great recommendations when it comes to food and itineraries, so make sure you ask the locals what your best options are.
  6. The Architecture: I was traveling with my cousin -who is an architect-, so she made sure we paid attention to every single detail of Florence’s architecture. She pointed out many times that all of this was built when no one had computers or anything similar for their designs, and while -hopefully- most of us already knew that, being reminded of that does take your breath away a little bit. And even if you are not traveling with an architect, Florence’s historical Piazzas and Palazzos will definitely not disappoint.
  7. The History: Did y’all know Florence was once Italy’s capital? Well, neither did we before this trip. That’s just one of the many historical secrets Florence holds. Pack your bags and go discover some more. Feel free to share them with me if you do!
  8. The weather: Especially around this time of the year, the weather in Italy is just purrfect. It was constantly sunny and warm but not the kind of warm that makes you want to stay indoors, locked in an AC heaven. Plus, if you’ve been living in Belgium, you probably need some extra vitamin D. And if it’s warm enough, you might as well freshen up with a gelato or a shot of limoncello. I would recommend!
  9. The Aesthetic (?): This one is highly subjective, I know; but trust me, Florence is sooooo aesthetically pleasant! Have you ever dreamed of brunch, on a terrace with a gorgeous view of some old European city? That’s what you get if you a) Go to Florence, duh; and b) if you’re too lazy to get up for breakfast at 9 am but you don’t wanna skip it because you still love food. Hotel “Tuornaboni Beacci”has a beautiful terrace, guaranteed to make all of your aesthetic dreams come true. Check it out if you’re in the neighboorhood. Or, better yet, stay there! 🙂
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    The Gelato: I know I already used food as a reason, but I thought gelato was too important not to be a reason of it’s own. What a better way to treat yourself when you’re traveling! Not one gelateria will let you down, you can take my word for it! So treat yo’self! I know for a fact I did!

    Processed with VSCO with c6 preset
    Shamelessly ignoring calories in Italy
  11. The atmosphere: In my opinion. Italians are experts when it comes to pleasure. Wherever you go, you’ll feel that. Is it in the air? Was it the pizza you just had? Was it the third glass of wine you know you shouldn’t have had but still downed, unapologetically? Maybe. Be my guest and check it out by yourself. You’re gonna love it. Oh, and two useful tips: a) Calories are not a thing in Italy; and b)You’re not broke if you don’t check how much money you’ve got left in your bank account. x

    You’re welcome.
  12. Because you won’t regret it: I had my doubts about going to Florence. I had never been to Italy before so I was kinda bummed we didn’t choose Rome or Venice as our destination. But hey, take it from someone who second guesses every step he takes: you won’t regret going there.
  13. Because traveling is the best money you’ll ever spend: take it from someone who moved across the ocean and found himself 10,000 miles away from home! Traveling will enrich you more than any other experience you could possibly pay for. It’s the best money you’ll ever spend, especially if you consider there’s always a new restaurant and boutique wherever you go ;). What are you waiting for? Go pack your bags!

More pics:

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Thinking about limoncello
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Probs got distracted by the smell of freshly made pizza
Me and Nana ❤
Me and my cousin ❤
View from the Piazza de Michealngelo
Total babe ❤

Gros bisous,




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