Business in front, party in the back

No, I didn’t get a mullet. Do you honestly think I, of all people would be able to rock such a haircut?  Say it with me, loud and clear: “Ha, as if!”

I do believe though, that “business in front, party in the back”is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw Derek —Filles a Papa’s hottest new t-shirt. With nothing other than a very subtle “FAP”print on the front, you don’t really expect such a boom when you turn around and you get “SHOW THE PINK” written in —naturally— pink letters all across the back. Cool stuff, right?

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Business in front
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Party in the back

Filles a Papa first caught my eye last year thanks to Marie-Lynn J., who introduced me to the brand in the first place. With my french skills being as bad as it gets, I didn’t know that Filles a Papa is “croissant talk” —or, my annoying and clichéd way of referring to French— for “Daddy’s Girls”. This was however the last thing that came to mind, considering how edgy and street oriented their pieces are.

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It is thus no surprise that their SS17 resort collection is the exact opposite of what comes to mind when you think “show the pink”. Off with the idea that all things pink are nice and girly. “Show the pink” is actually inspired in the nightclub scene, which is more evident if you take a look at other pieces of their collection: provocative graphic tees, fishnets, and their star tank top reading “Please insert money”; which Kylie wore for her calendar photoshoot.

And isn’t that just what we need these days? Getting rid not only of ancient ideas of gender and definition and just be whoever the eff we want to be? I think that’s what I liked the most about this babe —what it represents.

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You may say I’m looking way to deep into it; —spoiler: that’s what I’d do for a living if I could. Isn’t overthinking life?— but wether I’m right or not, that is what this t-shirt means to me.

I’ve waited a solid two months to wear this babe out in the open. Not only was it too cold to wear a t-shirt and be able to show the pink properly without freezing; I was also too busy to be able to shoot with my friend Sarah, who is the sole reason these pics looks so amazing!

Style Derek with a jean jacket or a cool bomber, hot sneakers and mom jeans or loose pants and there you have it: from you to basic in a minute. (Ps: basic is okay, duh) When you look that fierce, no one will ever think you’re une Filles —or fils— a Papa.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Gros bisous,


Wearing Filles a Papa “Derek”t-shirt available at Jeurissen Hasselt or the retailer’s website.

Bershka denim jacket.

Pull & Bear pants.


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