If Carrie Bradshaw were a college girl in 2017

2016 was all about the superstars. No, not the superstars you’re thinking of. The Adidas superstars. Everywhere I went I’d see these shiny/chunky white shoes and though I initially tried really hard not to give in to temptation, I got a pair last year in January, when they were still a novelty. I told myself that’s what Carrie Bradshaw would do if she was still in college and couldn’t afford her signature Manolos just yet, right?

Throwback to a time when my superstars were still white ft. my gorgeous host mom

Flash forward to spring 2017: superstars are dead (moment of silence, please)

However, there’s a new pair of sneakers that caught my eye and is the new hot shoe of 2017: the “Old Skool Vans”. In case you doubt my trend-spotting ability (which you probably do), these shoes were also spotted by some actually cool people: fashion blogger Yoyo Cao wore them numerous times throughout the last edition of New York Fashion Week, and even Kourtney Kardashian’s got a pair.

I got my babies in January, but it was too damn cold and rainy to wear them back then (Belgian weather is a bitch, alright?!). But now that the first rays of sunlight are starting to grace us with their presence again, I can wear them without the paralyzing fear of losing my toes.

What I like the most about these shoes is that they go with everything. From a comfortable pair of mom jeans, to your regular old black pants, to shorts. And, these babies will make your average short geek (that’s me) look as if he’s got some sort of street credibility. Cool stuff, right? Make sure you get yours soon! I know Carrie would if she were a college girl in 2017!



Wearing Vans Old Skool shoes in black || Pull & Bear jeans 

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